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Static clings are nice but they are fragile and should be handled with care. They can come off if not used properly, for best results static clings are best used on new canisters or at the very least be clean smooth and dry. They have been known to curl up and sometime fall off if applied over a old sticker or if surface is dirty. They should also not be used if your machine is in direct sunlight or high heat areas.

    The ability for the ink to come off is possible so bend and twist them as little as possible, It is the nature of the material. I also recommend keeping the cardboard backer I include as a place to keep them when not in use and avoid storing them with the ink side rubbing against each other. If there is a concern please consider my "inside mount" labels that go inside but have a light removable adhesive on them.



Thank you for choosing Labels from (eBay Store)


Our goal is simple:

Provide a quality product at a great price


I own and operate a vending business of my own so I know what people are looking for. I use quality supplies that ensure a consistent product.

As you all know your machines will not make money if they are not seen. My labels are bright and shiny and a real eye catcher.


We offer more candy labels than anyone.

If it goes in a candy machine then i can make it!


We now offer many sizes and styles of labels for any need you may have.

All of our sizes listed below are available in the following:

Laminated Labels (non adhesive) (Heat Sealed Lamination)

Vinyl Inside Mount Peel & Stick Labels

Vinyl Peel& Stick Labels (for outside mount)

Vinyl Inside Mount Static Cling Labels

Vinyl labels have a protective overlay that provide protection and durability.

None of them leave any residue behind when you peel them off.


The following sizes are available:

1.5” X 3” / 2.5” x 2.5” / 2” x 3.25” /  3.25” x 3.25” / 4” x 5”

U-Turn / Vendesign sizes  2” X 10” / 2.5” X 10” / 2.5” X 3.5” /

Vendstar 2" Round


Custom sizes are available, contact me for more info.




I offer some of the hardest to find labels. If you don’t see

one your looking for, just let me know

and I will find it for you


In addition to labels I also offer some other price stickers,

peanut warning, choke Hazard and ID stickers

as well as other helpful information products

for the vending business.


Check us out at (eBay store)




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