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  Banana Heads Gumballs Dubble Bubble  Oh Baby Pacifiers  
  Blots Gumballs Dubble Bubble Seedlings Peanuts BBQ  
  Bonz Candy Gumballs Jelly Belly  Peanuts Cajun  
  Boston Baked Beans Gumballs Nerds  Peanuts French Burnt   
  Buzz Bites Mint Gumballs Peaches and Cream  Peanuts Planters   
  Buzz Bites Mint With Nutrition Label Gumballs Smiley Face  Peanuts Planters Dry Roasted   
  Candy Corn Gumballs Strawberries'n'Banana  Peanuts Planters Honey Roasted   
  Chocolate Covered Raisins Sun-Maid Gum Balls Double Bubble Sprinkle Polar Mint Intense Mint Candy  
  Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds Hot Tamales Pucker Ups  
  Corn Nuts Jaw Breakers Rainbow Nerds  
  Corn Nuts Toasted  Jelly Beans Gourmet  Rascals  
  Cotton Candy Jelly Beans Jelly Belly  Red Hots  
  Cry Baby Tears Kissables Reeses Pieces  
  Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Lemonheads Runts  
  Fruitart Chews M&M Dark Chocolate Peanut Sixlets  
  Gone Fishing M&M Dark Chocolate Plain Skittles  
  Good & Plenty M&M Peanut Skittles Chocolate   
  Gourmet Mints M&M Peanut Butter Skittles Sour   
  Gum Pieces Chicle Tabs M&M Plain Skittles Wild Berry  
  Gum Pieces Dubble Bubble M&M Wild Cherry Spree  
  Gum Pieces Dub Bub Tropical Fruit Mike and Ike Spree Chewy  
  Gum Pieces Polar Mint  Mystery Toy/Prize Sunflower Seeds  
  Gum Pieces Refresh  Nuts - Almonds Super Balls  
  Gum Pieces Tropical Fruit  Nuts - Almonds Jordan  Tangy Bytes  
    Nuts - Cashews Tangy Tarts  
    Nuts - Cashews Chocolate Covered  Trail Mix  
    Nuts - Gourmet Pecans Trail Mix Texas Trash   
    Nuts - Pistachios    
    Nuts - Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts    
    Nuts - Roasted Cashews    


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